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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two critical gift-buying days following Thanksgiving that shoppers everywhere look forward to taking part in. However, Giving Tuesday is the day that serves as a true reminder of the “reason for the season.”

With #GivingTuesday taking place just five days after Thanksgiving, the Rainbow Rabbit organization is thankful for those who helped us achieve some important milestones in 2017.


Unity Day 2017: Stand United!

Unity Day 2017 takes place on Wednesday, October 25. Whether you are part of a school community or members of social media groups online, many send messages of support and hope on this day and wear the color orange, to show they stand united against bullying, and support messages of tolerance, unity, acceptance and inclusion.


One of the lessons in our Rainbow Rabbit Anti-Bullying Educational Program is called Witnessing Bullying Situations. In the lesson, students are taught how to address/handle various bullying situations by utilizing strategies.

This is a very pivotal lesson in the program. Eight out of 10 times, other students are witnesses to bullying. Even though most students do not approve of bullying behaviors, however, not many intervene on behalf of those being bullied.