Rainbow Rabbit

Embracing All the Colors of a Child’s Imagination

Rainbow Rabbit is a Pre-K through Grade 3 Educational Program that empowers children, parents and educators to create a positive environment that celebrates unique differences and rewards kindness.

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Rainbow Rabbit Educational Program

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The story of Rainbow Rabbit sends a very strong message to children that everyone should be treated equally. Rainbow Rabbit is different, and that’s what makes him unique. Kids adore him, and adults love him too! View samples of the lesson plans below to see how Rainbow Rabbit empowers and informs children, parents and educators alike…

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“A book that helps teach children tolerance and acceptance of everyone, despite what they may look like.”


-Maria Shriver, Former First Lady of California, Broadcast Journalist and Author

“This program is very user-friendly…students showed empathy and excitement…guidelines provided by your company were excellent…easily gained important feedback from students, teachers, and the ambassadors.”


-Erin Saponara, Former Anti-Bullying Coordinator. Manasquan Elementary School, Manasquan, New Jersey

“Is it acceptable to be different? What do you do if you are teased? How can we help our children appreciate differences in race, religion, and other diversity issues? Books like Rainbow Rabbit can teach our children to not only accept others, but to celebrate them.”


-Carol Teiltelbaum, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Rancho Mirage, California

“The story reminds us that we have all had moments when we didn’t fit in or belong. We found our ‘true colors’ when kind and caring friends saw our specialness…we learn to celebrate who we are rather than defend what we are not.”


-Msgr. Michael T. Mannion, Dir. – Office of Community Relations, Diocese of Camden, New Jersey

“The Rainbow Rabbit Anti-Bullying Educational Program is the go-to program for any parent, teacher, school or children’s organization wanting to talk to children about the effects of bullying. As a parenting columnist and radio host, I’m proud to spread the word about Rainbow Rabbit. As a mom of three, I’m thrilled my children are already learning positive values of acceptance, thanks to the Rainbow Rabbit book.”


-Julia Sherwin, host of “Perspectives on Parenting with Julia Sherwin” (WCHE 1520 am)

“I introduced Rainbow Rabbit to middle schoolers during a creative writing class. As I read the first two pages of the book, they mocked it. When I reached the part of Rainbow Rabbit getting bullied, the entire room fell silent. By the end, all of the students cheered for Rainbow Rabbit. Some students were even on the verge of joyful tears. Others wanted to take home the Rainbow Rabbit plush. In just 20 minutes, the tale of Rainbow Rabbit raised social consciousness and empathy within a group of students who are at an age where childhood fairy tales are uncool. The story and its lessons resonate with all ages. Thanks, Rainbow Rabbit Team!”


– Andréa Kohalmi, Author & Communications Consultant, Novato, California

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