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Inspired by the book and plush toy created by Arthur Vallee, a former Walt Disney animator in the 1930s, the Rainbow Rabbit Educational Program, compiled by school teachers, child psychologists, anti-bullying experts and school guidance counselors, is unlike any other program currently being offered to schools and educators in the United States. The program has even proved to be successful with special needs children as well!

It provides the tools and coping mechanisms to assist students beginning from a very young age, to handle effectively difficult situations in and out of the classroom, with carefully created materials strategically planned and ready at your disposal.

Our lesson plans are already prepared and made available, with most of the lessons spanning about 20 minutes or less. All of this coming at a fraction of the cost of other programs with no teacher training or instruction involved.

You can use Rainbow Rabbit in any capacity: stand-alone lessons, theme weeks, or any teachable moments regarding subject matter deemed appropriate over the course of the school year.

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The Program Includes

-Easily implemented lessons in courtesy, tolerance and assertiveness, which includes core curriculum oriented skill-building.

-Role-playing situations that allow students to delve into more specific aspects of the nature and origins of bullying and discover more appropriate intervention tactics.

-Special fundraising programs, which can assist your school to raise money.

-Rainbow Rabbit Sees America! A specifically tailored geography lesson which chronicles the adventures of Rainbow Rabbit as he travels across America, visiting some of the nation’s most educational and iconic landmarks.

Rainbow Rabbit’s story has been endorsed by many, including Maria Shriver, former First Lady of California, and Erin Saponara, former School Counselor at Manasquan Elementary School in Manasquan, New Jersey. We have also donated to such South Jersey organizations as Prevent Child Abuse-New Jersey, Toys For Tears, and Discovery Ministries.

Without a doubt, this program is a terrific tool to educate our children of the importance of acceptance, kindness and tolerance, without resorting to any negative behavior or bullying. Through the lessons taught in Rainbow Rabbit, children learn that they must remain true to who they are, no matter what the  obstacles or pressures might be in their path—or as we like to shout Color Me Kind!

Stay tuned for more adventures of Rainbow Rabbit!

Rainbow Rabbit Color Me Kind

Maria Shriver
Rainbow Rabbit is fortunate enough to be supported by a strong cast, including Maria Shriver and Manasquan Elementary School in Manasquan, New Jersey.

“An Architect of Change…“

Maria Shriver Praises Rainbow Rabbit’s Message of “Tolerance and Acceptance”

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