About Us

About Us

Rainbow Rabbit Educational Services Corp. is an IRS-registered 501(c) non-profit organization (Federal Tax ID: 82-1643193). We realize the significance of empowering children, parents, and educators, who are all navigating their way through tough challenging times.

It is no secret: childhood bullying is a major problem in our society. Whether it’s via the internet, physical or verbal, bullying can come in many forms and there are no boundaries. Some young people have turned to drugs, drinking, and even suicide because they don’t think there is a viable way out. The story of Rainbow Rabbit shows that there is hope and things can get better.

When Rainbow Rabbit started his adventure, he was very sad and lonely. He looked different from everybody else and was not accepted by those around him. But thanks to the kindness of the queen, he realized that his unique qualities made him special. This made Rainbow Rabbit optimistic that his future would be as bright and colorful as he was. His story sends a strong message that everyone should be treated equally.

Rainbow Rabbit addresses the serious issues affecting today’s children and brings about positive change.

The Vallee family

Our Vision

Rainbow Rabbit empowers children, parents, and educators who are working to create a positive environment for our youth to flourish and celebrate their unique differences in healthy ways.


Rainbow Rabbit’s Origin

Arthur Vallee, creator/author of Rainbow Rabbit, was an animator for The Walt Disney Company back in the 1940′s. Arthur had a deep love for children, and it was his strong belief that this tale of unity and inclusion, with an emphasis on the importance of belonging, would capture the hearts of children and adults.

Arthur passed away in 2010 at the age of 93 before he could realize the dream of having his book read in classrooms all over the world. His passion has not been forgotten, and the Rainbow Rabbit organization works continuously to spread this message of acceptance and tolerance within our communities.

Through the lessons taught in Rainbow Rabbit, we learn that we must remain true to who we are, no matter what the obstacles or pressures might be in our path.

Rainbow Rabbit is fortunate enough to be supported by a strong cast, including Maria Shriver and Manasquan Elementary School in Manasquan, New Jersey.

“An Architect of Change…“

Maria Shriver Praises Rainbow Rabbit’s Message of “Tolerance and Acceptance”

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