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Rainbow Rabbit Educational Services Corp. has received its second major grant in as many months. This time, the contributor is Wegmans, one of the most successful and biggest food market chains on the East Coast.

“Rainbow Rabbit is off to such a strong start in 2019, and this gift from Wegmans, one of the most trusted and highly reputable companies where our program has made the biggest impact , furthermore proves that we are not only gaining momentum with schools, but also with corporations who firmly believe in our vision,” said Maggie Albany, educator and Rainbow Rabbit Board member. “We have tremendous momentum going our way at this time. We’re so excited that Rainbow Rabbit is hopping into 2019 in a positive way!”

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Just last week, Wegmans was voted #3 on the list of 100 Best Companies to Work For by Fortune Magazine. The private company, owned by Wegmans Food Markets, Inc., currently has 98 stores located across Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia. The company is soon expanding into Washington D.C. and North Carolina as well. The late Robert Wegman, son of Wegmans co-founder Walter Wegman, was known for his philanthropic efforts in the educational community.

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On behalf of all of us at Rainbow Rabbit, thank you Wegmans!

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With Giving Tuesday 2018 just one week away, we’d like to share Rainbow Rabbit’s 2018 #GivingTuesday video. If Rainbow Rabbit has inspired you, or someone close to you, please share with the hashtags #GivingTuesday and #ColorMeKind.

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Brian Startare’s act of kindness shown towards his son Braydon happened rather unexpectedly. However, his actions set the gold standard for all dads to follow if their child ever seems to hit an unexpected rough patch.

Braydon, who was participating in his South Jersey school’s end of the year talent show, caught some unexpected stage fright as he began his comedy routine, which he worked on with his dad a few weeks prior to the show.

It was then when Brian sensed Braydon might not be able to go on. He had to act fast.

“I knew he was struggling. I just thought he wasn’t going to finish. I knew he wanted to, and I just didn’t want him to be disappointed,” said Brian, who stood by the side of the stage encouraging Braydon.

What followed was nothing short of inspiring.

Brian, a former Philadelphia sports talk radio show host and current public address announcer at Saint Joseph’s University, stopped filming Braydon, promptly joined him on stage, put his arm around his son, and said “We’re gonna do this together.” What was once a solo act became a comedy duo, and the two received several rounds of applause. In fact, the gesture was so seamless on Brian’s behalf that many in the audience assumed his arrival was simply part of the show.

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In regards to his act of kindness, the elder Startare was modest, claiming it was something any father would do to help their child.

“Be a good dad. Be a good parent. Set good examples. Raise good people,” he said.

I think we can all agree on that!

You can watch the heartfelt video below.


Rainbow Rabbit is Celebrating Easter!

While the Easter Bunny prepares for his big day, Rainbow Rabbit is also hard at work spreading messages of kindness, while bringing/hiding some Easter eggs to boys and girls everywhere who have shown exemplary behavior—specifically acceptance, tolerance, unity, and inclusion towards others.

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