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Easter 2019 Is Coming; Give Your Children the Gift of Rainbow Rabbit!


Rainbow Rabbit’s colors always shine bright, but with Easter 2019 taking place on Sunday April 21, it’s just another reason to give your child the gift of kindness and caring in their Easter basket!

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There was a time when nobody would play with Rainbow Rabbit in the village where he lived. This was because he looked different from the other rabbits. When the kindness of the Queen, who accepted Rainbow Rabbit for who he was. Furthermore, this made him realize he didn’t need to change. This was because he was unique, and he had special talents he wasn’t even aware of.

What are these talents we speak of? Find out by clicking here and making Rainbow Rabbit a part of your family this Easter season!

Rainbow Rabbit Educational Services Corp. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. It uses the story of Rainbow Rabbit to assist children in unlocking their potential. Importantly, the Rainbow Rabbit program empowers children, parents, educators, creating a positive environment celebrating unique differences and rewarding kindness. Customers can purchase Rainbow Rabbit and his story book on our website.

For more information about Rainbow Rabbit, please visit the website at www.therainbowrabbit.com.