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Rainbow Rabbit ‘Color Me Kind’ Coloring Sheet Now Available!


Through the lessons taught in Rainbow Rabbit, children learn that they must remain true to who they are, no matter what the obstacles or pressures might be in their path—or as we like to shout, Color Me Kind! Now, our furry friend’s dynamic, vibrant slogan is now available in an exclusive coloring sheet!

Easter 2019 Is Coming; Give Your Children the Gift of Rainbow Rabbit!

The sheet, which contains (what else?!) an outline of a rainbow with black and white lettering outline underneath, and can be accessed by right clicking on the sheet and saving the image. Students and young children everywhere can fill the colors of a rainbow any way they’d like. After all, that’s what makes it fun!

To access your Rainbow Rabbit ‘Color Me Kind’ coloring sheet, click here.

Of course, ‘Color Me Kind’ coloring sheets are also available when you purchase our Anti-Bullying Educational Programs as well!

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