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You Can Join Rainbow Rabbit’s Referral Program!


A Referral Program Just For You!

We all know how great the Rainbow Rabbit Anti-Bullying Educational Program is, but how would you like to get rewarded for spreading the word about the program?

Now, you (yes you!) can help us grow the educational program, and get rewarded through our Referral Program!

All it takes is an introduction to a learning institution who might be interested in hearing more about and subsequently purchasing the program or their school curriculum. If the respective institution elects to use our program, you will be compensated! This will continue for each school who uses or continues to use the program!

After researching, planning and evaluating the program over the course of many years by many reputable educators, doctors, marketers and anti-bullying strategists, we truly feel there’s nothing else out there like our educational program, which includes:

-15 intricate and easily implemented skill-building lessons in courtesy, tolerance, assertiveness, and conflict management.

– A question and answer session between the instructor/educator and the students following the reading of Rainbow Rabbit, as well as an interactive bullying questionnaire that allows students to delve into more specific aspects of the nature and origins of bullying and learn more about appropriate intervention tactics.

-Also included is Rainbow Rabbit Sees America! The adventures of Rainbow Rabbit continue as he travels across America, visiting some of the nation’s most iconic landmarks.

-In addition to the overall appeal of Rainbow Rabbit himself, the program also offers a fundraising opportunity for children who purchase the rabbit and storybook. 15% of the proceeds from these fundraisers will go back to their school, which could easily cover the cost of the entire program!

The best part of it all is that we don’t plan on stopping here. Once the initial phase of the program is implemented, we will be adding to the world of Rainbow Rabbit. This includes new books as well as new characters in the Rainbow Rabbit universe. Knowledge is power, and if we can change the course of just one child’s life, than we feel we’ve succeeded in our mission.

If you know a school system, teacher or institution who you think might be interested in hearing about the Rainbow Rabbit Anti-Bullying Educational Program, we’d love for you to become part of our Referral Program! Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or call us at 856-275-3166, and we will gladly answer your questions and send you information on how you can get involved.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Team Rainbow Rabbit