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National Bullying Prevention Month 2015 Has Begun


(Rainbow Rabbit reviews his Anti-Bullying Educational Program!)

National Bullying Prevention Month, a month that is near and dear to the hearts of Team Rainbow Rabbit, has officially launched for 2015.

The campaign, which first started in 2006, is held every October. Numerous organizations, schools and nationwide communities support the annual event through activities, assemblies, and bullying prevention education through various forms of social media.

The feedback from the event, which was formerly titled “National Bullying Prevention Week,” has been so positive that it was changed to a month-long program in 2010. National Bullying Prevention Month has been previously co-sponsored by many influential organizations, including the National PTA, National Education Association, and the American Federation for Teachers. Even singer and actress Demi Lovato, a victim of bullying as a child, has gotten in on the act, participating in cyberbullying prevention messages.

One of the most important days of National Bullying Prevention Month is Unity Day, which takes place on Wednesday, October 21st. You can show support on this day by simply wearing the color Orange to your wardrobe in some capacity. Orange is the color of Unity Day, and whether it’s an outfit, shirt, hat, bracelet or even shoelaces you decide to wear, it sends a message of support and hope that we stand united against all forms of bullying!

Feel free to send your pictures of Unity Day at your school to Rainbow Rabbit’s Facebook and Twitter  pages, or even our email address ([email protected]). We would love to post them!

Regardless of whether you’re a part of the Rainbow Rabbit Anti-Bullying Program, we strongly encourage parents, teachers, students and anybody witnessing an act of bullying to take a stand and do your part to prevent a problem from happening or getting out of hand. Not only during National Bullying Prevention Month, but every month during the course of the year!