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Rainbow Rabbit Spotlighted On PB Entertainment Inc.


PB Entertainment Profiles Rainbow Rabbit!

I know we’re pretty much speaking the obvious here, but any time you’re able to get publicity when launching a product or service, it’s never a bad thing.

That means somebody is interested in talking about what YOU have to offer! Not only that, but they want to promote it, too!

Recently, the Rainbow Rabbit Anti-Bullying Educational Program was lucky enough to be profiled on PB Entertainment, Inc., which supports arts and events throughout South Jersey and Philadelphia. The website was started by Pati Buehler, who has reviewed and interviewed some of Broadway’s brightest stars as well as national celebrities, including Tony Danza, Frankie Valli, Robert Goulet, Mandy Patinkin, Patti LuPone, and many others. PB Entertainment has also partnered with Fundagroup.com to assist NFP groups raise money for special campaign projects

Pati spoke with the two main architects of the program, Joe Vallee Jr. and Shirley Vallee, who discussed the importance of having the program in schools, and how Rainbow Rabbit isn’t your average Anti-Bullying Program, and more!

Pati Buehler: Joe, Jr. and Shirley Vallee, congratulations on such a comprehensive yet gentle program designed for children to learn about acceptance and understanding with such a delicate yet important subject. Please tell us what is the goal of the Rainbow Rabbit?

Joe Vallee: Thanks so much Pati. Rainbow Rabbit’s story is such a valuable one. Even though all of us are different, we can exist together, and that’s the real focal point of the message we’re trying to send. Everybody is unique, and instead of people tending to emphasize what they aren’t, you should be emphasizing what you are.

Shirley Vallee: The lesson that Rainbow Rabbit teaches is one of universal acceptance, respect and decency towards others. Unfortunately, that’s not something that you see all the time in everyday society.

Pati Buehler: What sets this program apart from other anti-bullying programs and why the focus on such young children?

Joe Vallee: We feel that the character and overall appeal of Rainbow Rabbit himself sets the program apart from the very beginning. We believe at Team Rainbow Rabbit that children’s attitudes and behavior towards others is developed at a very young age. Once they get older, it is still possible, but it’s a little harder to do because their previous way of thinking has been established. The program has been fine tuned and developed after years of research and conversations with psychologists, guidance counselors and school teachers and parents. We also focus not only on those being bullied, but the bullies themselves, because there’s obviously a problem that is going on or has transpired on their lives and it should be addressed. They didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to bully somebody. There’s a deeper issue there.

Shirley Vallee: After speaking with other professionals and educators, we learned that other anti-bullying programs are quite expensive and overdone. As a result, teachers don’t have the time to complete them. We realize how busy teachers are in regards to their job. That’s why this program has all of the materials readily available and mapped out to them. They can use different lessons at their discretion, depending on how much time they have available.

You can read the rest of Pati Buehler’s interview with Joe Vallee Jr. and Shirley Vallee here on the website of PB Entertainment.