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Maria Shriver, Manasquan School, Endorse Rainbow Rabbit


No matter what kind of new business venture you’re launching, it always helps to have support and encouragement from credible sources when you’re trying to establish yourself.

Think Superman: The Movie for example.

It’s hard to imagine this in 2015, but prior to the film’s release in late 1978, the late Christopher Reeve, who played the role of Superman, was far from a household name. In fact, it was quite similar to Rainbow Rabbit. Practically nobody knew who he was!

In an effort to perhaps lend credibility to the movie, legendary actors Marlon Brando and Gene Hackman were cast in prominent roles. In fact, if you watch one of the original trailers or take a look at the promotional posters of the initial film, Reeve had third billing after Brando and Hackman, and he was the movie’s title character! As more Superman movies were released and his reputation was established, however, Reeve received top billing.

Luckily, Rainbow Rabbit like Superman, is fortunate enough to be supported by a strong cast of his own prior to the launch of his Anti-Bullying Educational Program: Maria Shriver, Former First Lady of California, Broadcast Journalist and Author, and Manasquan Elementary School in Manasquan, New Jersey.

The late Arthur Vallee, who sent Shriver a Rainbow Rabbit storybook in 2008, promptly received a letter from Shriver, who thought Rainbow Rabbit was “a book that helps teach children tolerance and acceptance of everyone, despite what they may look like” and the story “a very important message for individuals of all ages.” For someone who has the caliber of Maria Shriver to take time from her busy schedule to contact Rainbow Rabbit’s creator spoke volumes about her character, as well as the potential that Rainbow Rabbit has to impact children all across the world.

Prior to the launch of Rainbow Rabbit’s Anti-Bullying Program, it was tested at Manasquan Elementary School. Erin Saponara, a school counselor and anti-bullying expert, emphasized how the program “is designed to be user friendly,” and was quick to point out that they “were able to easily implement the program with big impact.” Erin even recruited some of the school’s older students as Rainbow Rabbit ambassadors, who read Rainbow Rabbit’s story to the younger students.

In the coming months, Team Rainbow Rabbit hopes to gain even more advocates for our program. But for now, we’re extremely thankful for our strong supporting cast!

You can read Maria Shriver’s letter by clicking on the above image. You can read Manasquan Elementary School’s testimonial letter here.