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The Roots Of Rainbow Rabbit: When Did It All Begin?


Ever since Rainbow Rabbit has come onto the scene, everybody has been asking questions about him.

Where does he originate from?

Whose idea was it to create this lovable character?

Exactly how long HAS he been around?

Well, those are all interesting questions, and I’m going to try and answer all of them! For starters, Rainbow Rabbit is a little bit of the West Coast and the East Coast, but it’s safe to say he is firmly rooted in the Tri-State area.

The late Arthur Vallee certainly had the background to make this character possible. As a California-based animator for Walt Disney in the 1930s, he was one of the original artists to bring such beloved characters to life as Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto. The likeness of these now unforgettable icons is clearly reflected in the story in Rainbow Rabbit, whose tale of unity and inclusion has an emphasis on the importance of belonging.

While Arthur is no longer with us, his vision for Rainbow Rabbit is reflected in our new anti-bullying program, which has launched in his home state of New Jersey to commercial and critical acclaim. Much like the monumental impact Disney has had in the realm of pop culture for almost a century, Rainbow Rabbit and his unforgettable story aspires to capture the hearts of children and adults the same way as Walt Disney’s classic creations.

As of this writing, our team looks to further continue Arthur’s legacy by working on more stories and brand new and exciting characters, who will join Rainbow Rabbit on his journey and help him spread his message of kindness and caring towards all.

Want to see something really neat? If you look above, you’ll see a picture of one of Arthur’s original Rainbow Rabbit sketches from 1979! By looking at this photo, I think we can all agree that Rainbow Rabbit has come a long way!