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Win An Educational Program For Your School From Rainbow Rabbit!


In continuing our recognition of National Bullying Prevention Month, Rainbow Rabbit is proud to announce it will once again donate one educational program to a learning institution!

As we all know, childhood bullying is a major issue in our society. The story of Rainbow Rabbit provides hope for our future generations that will allow them to unlock their potential to be even brighter and more colorful as Rainbow Rabbit himself. Our organization realizes the significance of empowering children, parents, and educators to create a positive environment that celebrates unique differences and rewards kindness. Imagine a program that can change the life of a child during the most important developmental stages of life. This is what we are accomplishing with Rainbow Rabbit!

National Bullying Prevention Month begins; Startare joins Rainbow Rabbit

The programs provide the tools and coping mechanisms to assist students beginning from a very young age, to handle effectively difficult situations in and out of the classroom, with carefully created materials strategically planned and ready at your disposal. All of this coming at a fraction of the cost of other programs with no teacher training or instruction involved. The program has even proved to be successful with special needs children as well!

What’s Included?

  • Easily implemented lessons in courtesy, tolerance and assertiveness, which includes core curriculum oriented skill-building.
  • Role-playing situations that allow students to delve into more specific aspects of the nature and origins of bullying and discover more appropriate intervention tactics.
  • Special fundraising programs, which can assist your school to raise money.
  • Rainbow Rabbit Sees America! A specifically tailored geography lesson which chronicles the adventures of Rainbow Rabbit as he travels across America, visiting some of the nation’s most educational and iconic landmarks.

Here’s how you can apply and have the program featured at your school:

Write a paragraph explaining why your school is deserving of the program. The winner will receive a complimentary Rainbow Rabbit Anti-Bullying/Kindness Educational Program for the 2018-19 school year. It’s that simple!

Remember: Bonus points for creativity are considered by our Rainbow Rabbit Board.

The deadline for the entry is 12 am (EST) on Tuesday, October 30th, 2018. Email entries can be submitted to [email protected] or sent via Facebook Messenger on our Facebook page. The announcement will be made on Friday, November 2nd.

Good luck to everybody submitting!

Upper Pittsgrove Elementary School in Monroeville, New Jersey was the winner of last year’s contest. Hear about their program experience here.

For more information about our Rainbow Rabbit Anti-Bullying/Kindness Programs, click here.