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School Presentations now offered by Rainbow Rabbit


In addition to our Anti Bullying/Kindness Programs, Rainbow Rabbit is proud to announce the addition of school presentations to our expanding curriculum.

“School presentations give learning institutions the chance to see the impact Rainbow Rabbit has if they are looking for a single day activity and want a preview of what our complete program offers,” said Shirley Vallee, co-founder of the Rainbow Rabbit Anti Bullying Educational/Kindness Program. “I believe that reaching children and teaching them the values of kindness, acceptance and belonging during the earlier stages in their lives is the most fulfilling aspect of our program. All of the components that comprise Rainbow Rabbit can be found here.”

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School presentations have always been on the radar for Team Rainbow Rabbit, but their number one goal was always polishing the nuances of their anti bullying educational/kindness program, which is also available in addition to, or with the presentation.

“Over the last several years, we have appeared in schools on occasion, and observed the reactions from young children when they look at Rainbow Rabbit and listen to how he overcame adversity,” Vallee added. “Personally, it’s a very moving experience. No children should feel like they aren’t included or don’t belong, and their heartfelt responses after the Rainbow Rabbit storybook is read to them prove just how relatable this lovable character and his message is. It further convinces me that we must continue expanding the foundations which Rainbow Rabbit is based on for generations to come.”

Rainbow Rabbit collector’s plush and educational storybooks will be awarded to children who participate during the interactive assembly, as well as Rainbow Rabbit/Color Me Kind coloring sheets. The assemblies are limited to residents of the Delaware Valley. However, the Rainbow Rabbit Anti Bullying Educational/Kindness Program is available in all 50 states!

For more information on Rainbow Rabbit’s school presentations, click here.