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Rainbow Rabbit To Kick Off School’s Great Kindness Challenge Week


Beginning next week, Birches Elementary School in Washington Township, New Jersey will kick off the Rainbow Rabbit Anti-Bullying Educational Program for students in grades K-5 during its Great Kindness Challenge Week.

“I think it’s a perfect match for what we’re trying to do” within the school district, said Michael Petticrew, student assistance counselor and anti-bullying specialist at Birches and Bunker Hill Elementary schools. “We’re trying to respect our differences and to not leave people out, to be kind, to reach out to everyone and not exclude anyone. I think that’s what the whole Rainbow Rabbit story is all about.”

According to Petticrew, the lessons carry themes from the story that align with New Jersey’s Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights, a 2011 policy to combat bullying in public schools state-wide.

The exercises “create those opportunities for the kids to come together, put the books down, circle up and talk about some issues other than academic issues, which contributes to a more positive learning environment,” Petticrew continued.

Each day of Great Kindness Challenge Week has different themes, including Spirit Day, Kindness Brightens My Day, Rainbow Color Day,
and more! The week will also feature lessons from Rainbow Rabbit’s Anti-Bullying Program. Rainbows of Kindness, Witnessing Bullying Situations and Wrinkled Rabbit are just some of the lessons the students will participate in with their classmates.

Team Rainbow Rabbit is looking forward to what will be a great week at Birches Elementary. Of course, you can also have Rainbow Rabbit’s Anti-Bullying Educational Program at your school, too. It is available for Kindergarten through fourth grade. Your school or learning institution can also use our fundraising program, which allows you to receive a percentage of the proceeds of Rainbow Rabbit stuffed dolls and story books that are ordered by students.

Stay tuned for more Rainbow Rabbit school news and updates!