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Bring Rainbow Rabbit Home To Your Children This Easter!


Celebrate Rainbow Rabbit’s Message of Kindness and Caring Easter!

It goes without saying that Easter is always a very special time for Rainbow Rabbit.

And to top it off, he makes for a great gift!

The story of Rainbow Rabbit sends a very strong message to children that everyone should be treated equally. Rainbow Rabbit is different, and that’s what makes him unique. Kids adore him, and so do adults!

This holiday, your child, friend or loved one can have their very own Rainbow Rabbit stuffed doll and/or storybook, which is the first story published that established his identity and introduced this lovable character to the world. The book aspires to be the first of many Rainbow Rabbit-related stories to hopefully be released in the near future.

The can purchase the Rainbow Rabbit stuffed doll and/or book together or separately. The stuffed doll is available for $19.95, and the storybook for $7.95. You can purchase both for $24.95.

To access our store, click here.

All of us at Rainbow Rabbit wish you a safe and happy Easter!