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Rainbow Rabbit, Birches School Kick Off “Great Kindness Challenge Week”


Birches Elementary School, with help from Rainbow Rabbit, are going to great lengths to ensure students that kindness matters as “Great Kindness Challenge Week” kicked off at the school.

The event, which runs through April 3-7 at the Washington Township, New Jersey school, started with the school staff (who donned rabbit ears) and students showing off their signs with messages of kindness, tolerance and acceptance, as music played over the speaker system outside the school—which featured the slogans “Be Kind” and “Kindness Matters” on the fences.

After the ceremony ended, the young school newscasters made their announcements and introduced Joe Vallee Jr. and Shirley Vallee, founders of the Rainbow Rabbit Anti-Bullying Educational Program, who thanked Michael Petticrew (who was primarily responsible for bringing the program to the school), as well as the staff at Birches, who rolled out the red carpet for the Vallee family, who has spent years consulting with anti-bullying specialists, child educators and psychologists, in order to make their program one of the most reputable of its kind.

Kudos to Rainbow Rabbit and Birches, whose positive environment they create for their students would be hard to top at any school in the country.

You can also have Rainbow Rabbit’s Anti-Bullying Program at your school. Click here for more info!

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