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Suicide Of Washington Teenager Prompts Bullying Investigation


It’s beyond disheartening that there have been multiple posts on our blog in relation to suicide among young children.

Sadly, this has happened again. This time in Lynden, Washington—where Vylit Vander Giessen, a 13-year-old girl, was apparently a bullying victim and took her own life.

It was revealed shortly after the girl’s death that she was a victim of school bullying and online bullying.

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Lynden School District Superintendent Jim Frey, sent an open letter to parents and school staff, addressing the importance of instilling many of the values reflected in Rainbow Rabbit’s Anti-Bullying Program.

“Any time a tragedy like this happens it gives us cause to re-evaluate what we do, how we provide training and information and how we work with our kids to practice kindness and empathy and create an environment where every student is valued for who they are and their unique contributions. We will use this incident to review and look back at our current practices and how we (educate) and inform students, staff, and families about depression, bullying, suicide, and other related topics.”

According to a relative of Giessen’s, the school was alerted of several incidents regarding her bullying in school as well as on social media. However, it’s not our place to say whether or not the school was active in making a comfortable environment for their kids.  That being said, it once again stresses the point that programs regarding these virtues should not be an option—they should be a necessity.

A public Facebook page called Voice for Vylit Community Commitment has been started. It is filled with posts regarding bullying, pictures with the color violet, and condolences offered to Violet’s family.

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