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Snapchat Bullying Game Circulating Among School Children On Social Media


According to a blogger in the UK, a new Snapchat bullying game is taking place among school children on social media.

Rachaele Hambleton, the writer of the blog, claims that the bullying game is being started by children using the social media application Snapchat to exchange messages between each other to see who can say the meanest and most vile insults about them. It begins with sending somebody the letter ‘X.’ Then, the person who receives the letter sends the name of somebody the two Snapchat users both know, and the insults are then posted on Snapchat stories anonymously—but not publicly.

The game was brought to Hambleton’s attention by her 12-year old daughter, Betsy, who had an opportunity to play the game on Snapchat, but instead confronted the bullies.

Rachaele was so proud of her daughter for taking a stand that she posted the following note to Betsy online:

‘Dear Betsy, You came into the kitchen and showed me something that had left you upset and confused and I’ve not been able to stop thinking about it.

‘You couldn’t understand why people you know and like were doing this and repeatedly showed me various names and comments whilst in shock at what was being written about them.

‘You wrote your own story on Snapchat – telling everyone how disgusting this new game that they are playing is, you said how cruel and mean people are being and how you want no part in it.

‘Several girls messaged you saying they agree, and that was a brave thing to do. And it was a brave thing to do Betsy, because you are one person, and you’ve stood up to hundreds of teenagers, you’ve not followed suit or joined in with the crowds.

‘I am so proud of you, you have the same fight I was born with. It’s a fight that sits inside you, a fight that you can feel that makes you want to protect others, to care & to look out for those who need it.’

In today’s day and age of peer pressure and following the in-crowd in lieu of doing the right thing, Betsy should be commended for sticking up for the people being bullied and not worrying what others thought about her. In turn, Rachaele, should be praised for raising a great daughter.

Sadly, this is another sad turn in regards to the bullying epidemic. Cyberbullying makes it easier for kids to hide behind computers and deliver insults. Moreover, it further illustrates the importance of tolerance and acceptance being taught to students at an impressionable age.