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It’s Official: Rainbow Rabbit is a hit in Chicago!


Just several weeks ago, we announced that Nicole La Ha Zwiercan, Mrs. Chicago International 2016, had joined Team Rainbow Rabbit and was using bullying as part of her platform during her reign over the next year.

Just recently, Nicole visited a Chicago school, brought Rainbow Rabbit along, and read his story to the students. The response from the kids and teachers was overwhelmingly positive:

“I was so excited to have been shown such an interest,” said Nicole. “I was going to read to eight classrooms ranging from kindergarten to 2nd grade! I knew that from reading and rereading the book to my son that the kids would really enjoy it. From the moment I walked in each classroom, the kids were so excited! They would run up to Rainbow Rabbit and touch him or say how pretty he was!

Everyone wanted to hold him! Once the story began, the kids were silent. Their eyes never left the pages. They loved how it rhymed and the super detailed pictures. Once in a while a child would say “oh no!” or “that’s so sad” during the parts where Rainbow was being left out or crying. They would cheer when they heard happy parts. When the princess helped him, it was so sweet to see. They remained so interested from beginning to end. One of the things I loved the most was when I said “The End” and the whole classroom cheered! They said how much they loved the story and how much they loved Rainbow Rabbit.

I loved when a few of them would say “If I saw Rainbow Rabbit, I would be his friend!” It was such a great uplifting experience for myself and the children.”

Nicole’s observations furthermore prove that Rainbow Rabbit and his story is touching the lives of everyone he comes into contact with.

If your school isn’t taking part in the Rainbow Rabbit Anti-Bullying Educational Program, you can find out more about it here!