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Kody O’Bear picks ‘Rainbow Rabbit’ for November’s Book of the Month


Kody O’Bear, the Kody’s Kids ambassador who inspires kids to be healthier, smarter and kinder, has chosen Rainbow Rabbit as his book of the month for November.

Kody’s Kids inspires preschool and elementary kids from all communities and circumstances to read and to enhance their lives. They can accomplish this by learning healthy habits and kindness to others. As a result, this will enrich and make a positive difference in their school years. Needless to say, their mission and core values perfectly align with Rainbow Rabbit’s!

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The Rainbow Rabbit book is a tale of kindness, acceptance, unity, diversity and inclusion. When he started his adventure, Rainbow Rabbit was very sad and lonely. He looked different from everybody else and was not accepted by those around him. However, thanks to the kindness of the queen, he realized that his unique qualities made him special. This made Rainbow Rabbit optimistic that his future would be as bright and colorful as he was.

Kody O’Bear, thanks so much for making Rainbow Rabbit your November Book of the Month!

You can watch Kody O’Bear’s weekly video featuring Rainbow Rabbit here.

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