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SNJ Today profiles Rainbow Rabbit at Holy Angels School


Rainbow Rabbit has put their generous grant from Walmart to good use by donating the program to Holy Angels Catholic School in Woodbury, New Jersey, which was seen on SNJ Today.

Joe Vallee, Executive Director of Rainbow Rabbit Educational Services Corp., spoke with SNJ Today about what makes Rainbow Rabbit so unique.

“Rainbow Rabbit is everything. It’s empathy, it’s understanding, unity, diversity, inclusion, kindness —all things that are surely lacking today in a lot of areas,” said Vallee. “It’s not just a, ‘Billy pushed me down, let me go tattle. He’s picking on me. We focus on the bully as well as those being bullied. And we also teach them to handle situations in and out of the classroom and develop coping skills as well.”

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Yvette Verticelli is a preschool teacher at Holy Angels. She recalled the joy she experienced while watching her students learn Rainbow Rabbit’s story. She also stressed how lessons of kindness must be taught early.

“They are learning kindness,” she said. “If they’re three and four years old and they understand this concept of being nice, of being kind, of treating people the way they want to be treated, and they learn it at this age, it’s just going to carry through.”

WATCH the video below!

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