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Random Acts of Kindness Week 2018 begins; You can help participate!


It’s the second week of February, and you know what that means: Random Acts of Kindness Week!

Yes, all of us at Rainbow Rabbit understand that kindness should take place every day of the year. However, this is a special week—this is your chance to take kindness to another level. Whether you offer kindness to somebody who inspires you to be the best person you can be every single day, or maybe somebody who doesn’t necessarily offer kindness back, but needs it more than most.

This year, Random Acts of Kindness Week begins on Sunday, February 11, 2018, and culminates on February 17 with National Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Each day of that week, we will list a random act of kindness you can take part in for that specific day. You can find these on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Teach your children lessons of unity and inclusion with Rainbow Rabbit!

During this time, we invite you to share your stories of kindness with us. It could be a kind act that was bestowed upon you, or even something you have done for someone.

As a token of his appreciation for your kindness this week, Rainbow Rabbit is giving away Kindness Cards! You can access them by clicking on this link here!