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Coronavirus Quarantine VIDEO: Live Reading of Rainbow Rabbit Story

Rainbow Rabbit Educational Services Co-Founder Joe Vallee and his wife, Maggie, read the story of Rainbow Rabbit on Facebook live. Joe and Maggie are looking to spread some positivity during the Coronavirus Quarantine.

The Washington Post recently reported the White House task force projects 100,000 to 240,000 deaths in U.S., even with mitigation efforts. Obviously, the story of Rainbow Rabbit won’t assist in the stoppage of the virus. However, Joe and Maggie want to help bring smiles to the faces of children across the world.

Of course, these are scary times for anybody, both young and older. If everybody follows the instructions set forth by our leaders, then the Coronavirus Quarantine will hopefully end sooner than later.

You can watch the video of Joe and Maggie Vallee reading the story of Rainbow Rabbit below:

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Rainbow Rabbit Educational Services Corp. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. It uses the story of Rainbow Rabbit to assist children in unlocking their potential. Importantly, the Rainbow Rabbit program empowers children, parents, educators, creating a positive environment celebrating unique differences and rewarding kindness. Customers can purchase Rainbow Rabbit and his story book on our website.

For more information about Rainbow Rabbit, please visit the website at www.therainbowrabbit.com.