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Rainbow Rabbit and the Riversharks

Contact: Joe Vallee, Jr., Program Coordinator
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Philadelphia, PA (April 16, 2014) – Rainbow Rabbit, the loveable character and children’s book that teaches a message of acceptance and inclusion, has partnered with the Camden Riversharks baseball team for the 2014 season. Rainbow Rabbit will have a presence at Riversharks camps and clinics, a concourse table at all weekday games, will be included in the Riversharks Assembly School Program presented by AmeriHealth New Jersey, and will present the “Rainbow Rabbit Student of the Game” promotion during all 70 home games.

Rainbow Rabbit is also the inspiration for an anti-bullying program launching in schools throughout the Tri-State area. Program content includes classroom discussions about harassment, intimidation, bullying, role playing exercises, research projects, audio-visual materials on bullying, and lessons in courtesy, tolerance, assertiveness and conflict management.

“Most people have dealt with adversity in their lives, and many have been bullied, which makes you feel like an outsider. I was bullied growing up, and for a long time I thought that things would never change,” says program coordinator Joe Vallee, Jr. “I really wish I had something like Rainbow Rabbit when I was younger, because I think it would have helped me get through some tough times. Rainbow Rabbit is different, and that’s what makes him unique. Kids love him, and adults love him too. His story sends the message that even though things might seem hopeless at times, they will get better.”

Rainbow Rabbit is the story of a rainbow-colored rabbit who is an outcast in his community because he looks different than everyone else. In the end, his brilliant colors are the reason that he is selected to lead the town’s Easter parade. He then realizes that “no matter what your color, we can live in harmony.”

The book was written by the late Arthur Vallee, and a portion of the proceeds are donated to organizations across the country that aid children in crisis. A native of Southern New Jersey, Vallee was an animator for The Walt Disney Company in the 1940’s and had a deep love for children. It was his belief that this tale of unity and inclusion would benefit children who deal with bullying and harassment in their daily lives. The book’s message is receiving praise from educators, therapists, and child advocates across the country.

“Is it acceptable to be different? What do you do if you are teased?” asks Carol Teiltelbaum, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist based in Rancho Mirage, California. “How can we help our children appreciate differences in race, religion, and other diversity issues? Books like Rainbow Rabbit can teach our children to not only accept others, but to celebrate them.”

For more information about the Rainbow Rabbit book, stuffed toy, and Anti-Bullying Program, please call Joe Vallee Jr. at 856-275-3166, or go to www.therainbowrabbit.com