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Petition Started to Stop “Out Of Control” Bullying at Florida School


According to FOX 13 News in Tampa, Florida, an online petition has been launched with almost 100 signatures of people appearing to be disgruntled parents, who are unhappy with the severe incidents of bullying that are taking place at Shields Middle School in Ruskin, Florida.

Here is what the petition says:

“Bullying at Shields Middle School is completely out of hand. School officials are not doing enough to protect our children. It is time to take this matter into our own hands! Sign this petition to give Shields Middle School this warning. If nothing is done to decrease the bullying at Shields Middle School by March 20th, (return of children from spring break) then we will alert the media of the unsafe conditions at this school!”

According to the Assistant Principal Colleen Carr, parents might think bullies are not being punished, because there are laws prohibiting school leaders from sharing details about the consequences that bullies face a result of the victims they bully.

On the surface, this seems like a classic case of a severe bullying epidemic that school administrators could possibly be turning a blind eye to. Almost 100 signatures is a lot—too many for there not to be some type of issue taking place in this school with no repercussions.

Once again, this shows that the importance of having programs teaching lessons of tolerance and acceptance is sorely needed in school systems at a very young age.

You can read more about the petition here.